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Champs Series Boutique Clothing Display Racks - BOLUN RACKS

Champs Series

We offer free 3d store design

Use limited space to do unlimited design.Create for your clothing store unique design with excellent quality clothing display rack.We offer free 3D Design for every need and even you have no idea about your space you just need to send us your layout we can also let you get the perfect 3D Design for the job.

We make your store look good

A high end clothes,if just optionally put it on the common clothing display rack,can not show its grade and attract consumer’s eyes.But if put it on the mannequins or use beautiful clothing display rack to show it with spot lights and matching with other accessories and decorations,so its elegant style,fine workmenship is clearly showing in front of the customers,and easy to make it selled.BOLUN is your best choice!




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