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Do you have a small space but have a huge collection of clothes to display? Not to worry! You can make sure that you can display all the apparels and at the same time you can ensure that your store has an organized look.

Wall mounted racks can surely do the trick!

Do not be perplexed as to how a small store can look tidy and at the same time almost every garment in your store can be displayed. All that you need to do is choose wall mounted clothing display racks.These racks are useful because:

  • They help you to ensure that the layout of your store looks perfect
  • They help you to display the clothes in a unique and stylish way
  • The customers also enjoy checking out the different apparels in your store
Want the best quality wall mounted racks? Then get in touch with us!

Look no further for top quality wall mounted clothing display racks. You can easily get them from us. We have been manufacturing and supplying different types of clothes display racks from past many years. You can get different types of wall mounted racks from us. This includes racks like:

  • Racks that have face out bar
  • Racks that have hang bars
  • Customised racks as per the requirement of the customer

The client only needs to tell us about his exact requirement. That is:

  • the type of racks needed.
  • Whether he needs racks for retail or commercial purpose
  • The quantity of racks
  • Any special specifications that are needed
There are many reasons for choosing our services!

Wondering why choose only our company? Here are some of the reasons that will convince you that you must opt for only our racks:

  • We have been manufacturing and supplying the best quality racks from past many years
  • We have a long list of customers which speaks about our superior quality of our work
  • We always make use of the best quality material to make the racks. For example, in the case of metal racks you will find that the racks do not rust easily and they last for a number of years.
  • We offer competitive rates.
  • We never make any compromise with our quality standards
  • We can supply a large number of racks for wholesale purpose within the stipulated time

If you too want to place the order with us then all that you need to do is first check your exact requirement. Make sure that you are aware about the dimensions that you will require. Also check the total number of racks that you will need. You are requested to give all these details so that we can supply you the best quality racks.

If you are keen to check the different types of racks that we have for sale then just check the details on our website www.bolun-rack.com. Choose the racks that you need and place the order online.

For more detail please feel free to speak to our sales representatives. Get in touch with us right away for more details.


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