Single Rail Clothing Rack
New design for shop clothing racks

The first step of making a nice women clothing shop: choose the beautiful and suitable shop clothing racks!Now, people are more and more highly request on the display effect of clothes rack in the garment store,in the shop clothing rack,it should be nice overall effect, beautiful and elegant, fashion design, etc. Since the garment rack is such an important part of the clothing shop ,so how to do the work right?

Our beautiful shop clothing racks

Above are some clothing racks of BOLUN, including our CHAMPS and platinum series, very suitable for promoting clothing, shoes, hat, sunglasses, etc. Normally, for the clothing product, it is based on display, associated, products combination matching those requests, its display space no need the actual isolation, just need to use color, shop clothing rack layout design to conceptually divide and combine the space in certain places of the clothing store, form visual display that with a certain sequence, to ensure giving customer a reasonable, effective way to receive the information from the commodity in the body and eye movement.There is no doubt that the shop clothing racks of BOLUN are best choice for you. Contact us today get discount price!

BOLUN Introduction

BOLUN shop clothes rack company was founded in 2004. We are a professional company in designing, manufacturing, selling all types of shop clothing furniture and offer whole shop design service. We can ensure you get the best shop clothing rack,both wholesale order and small order for sale. With 15 years experience in clothing dispiay rack manufacture, the quality of our products is reliable. Professional tech team and sales team and design team aiming at providing a full service. Our shop clothing racks has been exported to many countries and have a good reputation and wide popularity.

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