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Our Racks Will Make Your Departmental Store Look Cool

Single Rail Clothing Rack
Our racks will make your departmental store look cool!

Managing a departmental store is a tough task. If you have a garment departmental store then there are so many sections that you have to manage. The men’s section, the women’s section, kid’s section, traditional wear section and so on.

Now do we even need to tell you the large number of department store clothes racks that you will need. Obviously, you need to arrange all the different types of clothing in the best possible way. The task in front of you now is to buy the best quality racks that are stylish and serve the purpose of showcasing all the apparels in your store in the best possible way.

Keep these things in mind before you order for the racks!
  • First of all, you need to decide how you plan to display the different clothes in the various sections of your departmental store
  • You also need to decide about the different types of racks that you will need. When you are placing order for department store clothes racks you will have to order different types of racks. You will need wall mounted racks, racks with shelves etc.
  • You need to have clarity about your budget and since you are going to order for the racks in wholesale you need to check the best pricing that you can get.
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The search for the best quality racks for retail and commercial requirements ends with us. We have been manufacturing and supplying the best quality racks from past many years. We have supplied racks to many customers across the country. We have a long list of happy customers who give us repeat orders because we always provide the best service to our clients.

Here is why you must choose us!

There is not one but many reasons due to which customers trust only us.

  • We have a large variety of racks for sale. Whether you need simple metal racks or need fashionable looking unique racks you can be rest assured that you will get it from us.
  • We make use of the best quality material to manufacture our racks. This is one of the main reasons that our racks last for a very long time
  • You can get the best pricing from us on bulk orders but at the same time you can be rest assured that there will not be any compromise with the quality of the racks.
  • You can approach us for customised requirements as well.

If you want to get the best quality racks for your clothes from us then you need to provide us certain details. You need to tell us the number of racks that you will need. You need to specify the dimensions. If there is any other specific requirement then you need to tell us the same.

For more details about the different types of racks that we manufacture and sell you can check our website and you can contact our sales representatives right away.


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We Are Your One Stop Destination For Commercial Racks Requirement

Single Rail Clothing Rack
We are your one stop destination for commercial racks requirement

If you sell apparels in wholesale then you will obviously have a requirement for racks in bulk. How else can you keep all those garments neatly? Racks will also help to keep your warehouse’s layout look organised.

For this you have to ensure that you have commercial metal clothing racks in your warehouse. But before you place the order for these racks there are some important things that you have to keep in mind.

Check these things before you place the order for commercial racks!
  • Before you place the order for the clothes rack you have to check the number of racks that you will need
  • You also need to check what types of racks you will need. It must be noted that there are different types of commercial metal clothing racks that are available for sale. It is up to you to decide which ones you will require.
  • Some of you will require racks with some special features and specifications. You need to have clarity on this aspect as well.
  • Make sure that you know the dimensions that you will need for your racks.
Clear with your requirement? Then now it is time to place order for the racks!

Now that you know what type of racks you will need to display every garment it is time to place the order for your racks. Wondering where to place the order? opt for only our services.

We have been manufacturing and supplying clothes racks of different designs and types from past many years. Our racks will surely help in making your store organised. We have supplied racks to a large number of customers across the country. We have a long list of happy clients and this speaks volumes about the quality of our racks and the quality of our service.

Why choose us?
  • We manufacture the best quality racks for wholesale and retail requirements.
  • The raw materials that we use to manufacture the racks are of the best quality
  • You will find that our metal racks do not rust easily and they last long.
  • You can get the best quality racks at competitive rates from us
  • We can supply customised racks as per the client requirement
  • We always make sure that the racks are delivered to the customer within the specified time

No retail or commercial outlet can do without racks. You need these to display the different apparels. But it is important that you choose only the best quality racks that last long and that look elegant.

The best racks can surely add a lot of grace to your store. But you have to get these from the best supplier. Your search for the best company ends with us. We are one of the most reputed clothing racks manufacturing company.

For more details about our range of products you can check our website If you have any queries and have any specific requirement then please do not hesitate to connect with us. Get in touch with us right away!


Same day delivery 8 days to you with 3 years warranty

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Retail Clothing Display Furniture Arrangement Ideas

Single Rail Clothing Rack
Retail clothing display furniture arrangement ideas for authentic look

Retail clothing display is about showcasing clothes and accessories most authentically. A grand look doesn’t always come from fancy display furniture. It is about the arrangement and organization of clothes with retail clothes furniture. Dresses, accessories, showcase items and any other items can be arranged in more than 1000 ways, but only 100 of them can pull-off a wondrous look. Retail clothing furniture wholesale offers can reduce the total costs making it reasonable. Here are a few ways to improvise Retail clothing display with the display furniture.

Wall-mounted and ground-mounted clothing Display: 

Wall furniture involves both racks and rods. Racks are used for displaying a large number of clothes. Rods are used for a wider display of the exquisite collection. Often shirts, suits, and sets use rod type wall mounted furniture. Ground-mounted clothing furniture can hold minimal clothing. Ground-mounted rods hold sufficient clothing. Displaying with human-like dolls is one way to display a new collection. With both wall-mounted and ground-mounted clothing display, the result is fabulous. The combination generally involves one wall-mounted and two ground-mounted furniture on each side.  

Wall-mounted display: 

Complete wall mounted display has both racks and hanging rods. This is used to display a very unique collection with retail garment furniture. Stores use this to display the latest collection or new designs. There is limited space for clothes. However, adding shoes, handbags, belts or other accessories give it an elegant look. This is affordable and can be done by arranging a few rods and racks. 

Wall-mounted racks display:

For collection in with large availability, wall-mounted racks are suitable. There are different sizes and colors to choose from these racks. Stores with large discounts, bulk products and a large variety of options have such type of wall-mounted racks. It is easy for customers to navigate through the racks and find a suitable color and size. Common commodities like jeans, sweatshirts are arranged this way. 

Multi-level mounted racks display: 

For medium scale products use these multi-level mounted racks. Retail clothing furniture effectively designs it into multi-levels, where a bunch of small models is covered below another bunch of models. This multi-level system brings elegance and also stores numerous products. Many large sellers use this, due to the effective organization of clothes this way. Retail clothes furniture with a combination of multi-level and other style are sometimes used to save space. 

What is the best choice? 

There are many other options available in the market. The garment arrangement can make all the difference, as they are the reason behind customers’ easy navigation and exploration. There is no way to know what kind of product a customer might like. However, such different arrangements based on the collection of clothes proved to be an effective experience even for customers. When there is retail clothing furniture for sale, it is necessary to get the most out of it. Not many offers get offers. Sometimes having stock of such furniture for future use during festivals or other seasons be effective. It is a great way to create an exciting environment for a regular customer. 

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The Interior Design Of Your Boutique Clothing Shop.

Single Rail Clothing Rack
Designing the boutique in order to make it look appealing:

Boutiques are the places where the person not only judges the designer dresses, but also the way one decorates and presents their boutique. By observing the way in which shops are decorated a person can judge what is the standard of the clothing shop designs. Modern boutique centers concentrate not only on the garments, but ways in which they can excel the boutique designs that can help them to earn more by attracting more traffic.Boutiques are usually made in a small area, but are a form of making quality merchandise and showcase the specific kind of clothing.

The things you should keep in mind while choosing your garment shop design includes:

Creating a comfy space for your customers:  

Well, everyone who comes to buy or the people accompanying them need to sit as they might feel tired and also giving them comfortable feel is what makes them to return to your shop. One can place comfy seating furniture near the showcasing area or the counters where the customers can sit and not get tired.
Dressing rooms take most of the areas, but one can utilize that space by dividing the rooms by simple cardboards and make areas for showcasing accessories like belts, ties etc. which also attracts the interest of the customers.

The entrance should be designed according to interior design ideas as they play an important role in attracting the public.

The entrance or the front showcase area should have decorations and items that will attract as well as give the customers the basic idea about the kind of garments you have.For example the mosaic with a stainless steel look that creates an image of a high tech guy fashion.

There should be an accessory wall painted related to those accessories:

Painting a wall which adds a texture similar to the accessories it holds puts an impact on the buyers. One can store accessories in hanging shelves which give a unique look to the wall and also saves space.

Cluttered appearance must be avoided:

Using proper Lightning and adding lamps and photography lighting fixtures and many more decorative ideas can be used to avoid a cluttered appearance. Using search skills will help in making the area well lit and also enhance the look of the Variety and aptitude. Shelving the wall is considered as the best utilization of worlds they also require proper lightning within them in order to enhance the look of the products.

Fitting everything in the right location is the most important step that one must keep while choosing their cloth shop design:

Well lit areas play an important role in enhancing the look of the store, but soft lightening is also required in many places which adds life to the products. One can use spotlights over the mannequins in order to highlight the designs that are considered to be exclusive and are new to the market.

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Purpose Of Commercial Grade Clothing Display Table

Single Rail Clothing Rack
Importance of clothing display table for commercial use:

For commercial purposes, commercial-grade clothing table is needed to organize and present the garments and other products in an organized way. It helps with the advertisement as well as promotion of sales and helps with merchandising concepts that helps with organizing products.  The commercial garment table is also known as display racks which helps with commercial spaces. There are multiple kinds of accessories used for displaying products that include fixtures that includes shelves, racks, store displays and stands.

The way in which the merchandiser displays its products also helps them with promotions of their brand and showcases the wide range of products that are offered.   The commercial clothes table are tall and offer a great space for a wide number of products such as 80 gallons of products. One can buy these display tables at a pricy range from the wholesale marketers. Well, commercial clothing table wholesale products are also long lasting, sturdy and are easy to assemble and similar to the products that one normally buys from any other place. The height of the tables is good enough to store garment or products in bulk. They are generally made of high-quality materials, it might be plastic or stainless steel.

Commercial clothing table is mostly used in designer houses i.e boutiques which helps with showcasing the fine work of designs on a particular garment and also enhances the look of the garments thus appealing customer’s interest. The manufacturing style of these garment display tables is almost of same types. If one doesn’t want to buy it from markets, one can opt for online marketing where few websites have their main focus on selling items that are used in business parts. There are online wholesale marketers who offers “clothing table for sale” on bulk purchases.

Purposes of using commercial grade clothing display table:

Using various designed display tables adds up to the standardized look of the store. While dealing with garments business one really needs to keep in mind about the nature of decoration and also the different types of fixtures used for various purposes. The looks of every fixture must look appealing in order to attract more and more traffic. This is the basic business strategy used for the sake of garments business.

The display tables are better when compared to other such fixtures as they are more stable and can be assembled easily without the help of anyone. In order to fix these display tables, one needs to read the procedures and follow the steps accordingly and they will get the display table ready. They have a lower cost structure which makes them affordable for the customers. Generally, such manufacturers’ team consists of two teams that are designing team who might use CAD software for designing these fixtures, adding up the royal look as well as making sure which designs will be more appealing. The other team is of technicians who make sure that the products manufactured are strong enough to hold on the bulk products without any problems.

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Importance Of Commercial Grade Clothing Display Stand

Single Rail Clothing Rack
Importance of clothing display stand for commercial use:

While dealing in a business which deals with garments one needs to keep in mind about the appealing look of the store that helps them in attracting more and more traffic. So using commercial clothing stand for the purpose of display part makes it look clean and tidy and also adds up a formal look. Well, one can use this idea to make it formal yet decent and stylish by adding up a few accessories that can make it appealing too. Commercial clothes stand is used to display products that the customer needs to see in one glance.

There are many types of stand fixtures which are used for the purpose of displaying products.

One of them is the 2-D commercial garment stand with chrome finishing usually thus making it easier to slide the hangers or hanging products. They have two modes that is the slant mode and straight mode which depends on the buyer. It has a flat base and that are either circular and rectangular in shape and the garments can be kept in 2-way style. 4-way commercial grade clothing stand is another type of stand designed to display the garments hanged in 4 different directions and helps in adding a sober and attractive look to the display part. These kind of hanging garments are considered to be the traditional way of showcasing products in designers house. These stands are adjustable and the most common feature in such stands is that they’ve chrome finishing. Thus, there is less tension about rust and similar damages. Other features offered by such stands include straight or slant arms which depends on the choice of retailers and the tubing is of two types i.e rectangular or of round shape which has flat base or casters.

1- dimensional stands are usually required to showcase the designer garments that are not produced in bulk and are sold in one piece that is no replicas are made. In a way, one-dimensional display stands create a more appealing look in the store as it shows the standard of the storehouse and says about the type of designs one can find in that boutique. They represent the skills of the craftsmen by enhancing the garment’s look and enables a 360-degree look shopping which is preferred by almost all shopping lovers. 

While buying a bulk amount of such display stands, one can go for many online commercial clothing stand wholesale marketers who offer discounts on buying bulks of fixtures.

Purposes of using commercial grade clothing display stand:

When it comes to clothes and shopping people always go for well-organized closet, which enables them to choose correctly the type of garment they want. Well, one needs efficiently moving wheels attached with these garment display stands in order to move them easily as per the requirements and this features adds upto the professional look of the fixture.

1- dimensional stands are usually required to showcase the designer garments that are not produced in bulk and are sold in one piece that is no replicas are made. In a way, one-dimensional display stands create a more appealing look in the store as it shows the standard of the storehouse and says about the type of designs one can find in that boutique. They represent the skills of the craftsmen by enhancing the garment’s look and enables a 360-degree look shopping which is preferred by almost all shopping lovers. 

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Ideas About Store Clothing Display Stand

Single Rail Clothing Rack
Importance of clothing display stands:

When planning for the interior decoration of a store one needs to keep in mind about the fixtures that they will use in order to store the products and garments as well as the accessories which goes on with the outfits and the solution to this is store garment stand. But they also need to keep in mind about space management that is using a lesser area to create and store more number of products. Various types of storage process close Storage for Wall Shelves or simply storing the products in the stands.  Clothing display stands are considered to have the best space management as they require less area and helps in storing a large number of products. Mostly found in the men’s section where the suits are hung or simply the saree sections. Many more clothing products are also hung.

There are various kinds of stands which have different designs and different functions accordingly. One of them is a spiral stand which creates up a beautiful look and is mainly used to store accessories that suit outfit near them. They give a fancy look with their stainless steel and chrome plating. They can also be used to suggest shirts, Sarees etc in a more attractive and decorative way.

Another kind of stand is round or half-round clothing racks. These stands are in a shape of round and half-round with hooks in it which helps to hold the garments for the purpose of showcasing. Before buying one needs to have the knowledge about Styles shape and size that is needed for the showcasing of garments. Usually, this kind of stands is made up of wood, but can also be made with other materials such as stainless Steel with Chrome plating at 17 matching up with the purpose it serves.

Another kind of store clothing display stand is a single rail stand that is mostly used to showcase the products that require Limited space and also available in Limited quantity. These stands are study strong and have a decent look which can hold heavy garments including suits Sherwani or bridal sets without detention of breakage.  They are usually made of stainless steel Chrome plated materials.  The sorting of garment is faster and easier to display in such stands.

There are also single way stands where mostly the most exclusive piece of garments is showcased in order to keep it highlighted. The 2-d stands are used to store garments in two directions that is on either side of the stands. There can be either two sets only to be showcased or bulk amount of clothes can also be kept.Another kind includes 4-D way stands where the garments are stored faced in 4 different directions.

Such stands give a decent and formal look to the store. One can use these stands in many decorative ways to store various garments.If you want to get these stands opting for store clothing stand wholesale markets will lessen the amount of money invested and would be better if you buy them in bulk amounts.

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Ideas About Store Clothing Display Furniture

Single Rail Clothing Rack
Importance of display furniture for commercial purposes:

When you enter into a shopping complex the 1st thing we all observe is the kind of garments that store has and we are able to judge it by having a look at the way they organize their products. Thus, organizing garments professionally and in a way which seems appealing are considered important in the case of business strategies. The way we style the store establishes a relation between the physically present customer and the various kinds of products available. Well, one needs to have various kinds of store clothing furniture which attracts the interest of the people. So let me tell you a few kinds of store clothes furniture that can help you with gaining more customers.

Corner racks are very helpful and attractive fixture that adds a checkout area for the customers and also have shelves which are visible to the customers thus making it easier for them to choose.

Dump bins and tables are a classic fixture which is mostly used in the retail space for clearance display of garments that the customer wants to examine. There are variations of dump bins and tables such as stacking baskets and hanging bins and many kinds of utility tubs that make shopping easier for customers who want to buy multiple garments.

Half vision display case allows high visibility of products to the customers and also has a clerk side storage space that allows the salesperson to keep important things. One can also fully display the clothes to the customer on the outer surface of the case.  They have locking doors and adjustable shelves. Another amazing feature is that they offer interior lightning for the glass visual area.

The full vision display case is mostly used in the kid’s section or else in the section that deals with the shirts or similar kind of simple garments. It offers adjustable shelves which help in displaying a wide range of garments to the customers. It has sliding doors.

Another type of fixture is the cube units that have plastic or glass or wire cubes attached to the base forming cubic cells that help in storing garments. These kind of fixtures helps with displaying flexibility as when one needs to display clothes in various colors and sizes. This is mostly known as the tailor display.

Every store has one of the common fixture and that is the accessory display, which helps in showcasing small products like caps, socks etc. in an organized way. They are available in different forms such as counter racks and accessory display racks.

People dealing with businesses related to garment or fashion need to have basic storage furniture that not only store garments, but also organizes them and displays them in an appealing way.If you want to buy a bulk of such products than opting for online wholesale marketers would be a great idea as they offer store clothing, furniture for sale which reduces the cost to a great extent.

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Commercial Grade Clothing Display Furniture Buying Tips For Retailers

Single Rail Clothing Rack
Buying tips for retailers

Storing bulk garments with a safe environment is messy and needs a lot of effort. Commercial grade clothing furniture offers a great deal of organization for any retailer. This display furniture has a wide range of options from different sizes which can store 100 to thousands of garments. However, display furniture is kept minimal, for customers to explore all kinds conveniently. There are many factors to consider while purchasing commercial garment furniture. Here are a few things to check before purchase. 

Quality with durability: 

Commercial clothing furniture with high quality is manufactured with good materials. Some of them have grandeur look, but their durability is low. Hence, while looking out for furniture, look at the strength. Any furniture can originally hold more than its capacity. Like, when it can hold 100 garments, which is manufactured for 80 garments. It shows the original strength and quality of the furniture. Also, make sure not to over-do things. Paint quality is also important. Usually, most of the stands and racks from commercial clothing furniture wholesale are designed with good paints. 

Weight of the Furniture: 

This seems to be minimal detail. However, weight is equally important especially in the case of portable furniture with wheels. Wall-mounted furniture and ground-mounted furniture also needs to be decently light weighted. When they are heavy, they give a bulky look and do not look appealing to customers. In the end, any furniture should not be highlighted. It is the garments that should be attractive and appealing. For portable stands, it must be lightweight. Weight is part of easy transportation. For changing the display designed with the seasons or festivals, it is crucial to have lightweight furniture. 

Designs for commercial clothes furniture: 

Design for display furniture plays a major role. There are many options available. Sometimes the best choice might not be best for a particular retailer. Depending on the shop, location of furniture and number of garments to display these things can vary. Retailers keep extra handy, so they can change the location of furniture from time to time. Unique furniture designs like spiral commercial clothes furniture are suitable only for exquisite designs. Adding simple design garments to spiral stands looks odd and not appealing. Commercial clothing furniture for sale have common furniture like tables, wall-mounted stands, ground-mounted stands and many more. These can hold large garments or small garments. 

Commercial benefits:

Any retailer looks to gain profit and fame. With fame, as an appealing clothing store, the profits come flowing in. The display is all about how people have an impression of the retailer shops. Being creative is equally important besides good furniture. Either way, it is the retailer’s responsibility to utilize the furniture efficiently to gain commercially by selling their products. There are thousands of ideas available and hundreds of suitable ideas. Choosing one which benefits the shops as a whole is crucial. Display furniture represents the shop or seller, which is why every retailer must notice the small details while purchasing commercial clothing furniture. 

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Different Ways Of Using Retail Clothing Display Table Efficiently

Single Rail Clothing Rack
Different Ways of using Retail clothing display table efficiently

A retail clothing table is one way to allow customers to touch and feel the products. By adding a personal touch like plants, toys, accessories give the table a grandeur look. Depending on the theme any table can be easily decorated or organized. Often retail clothes table is found to be re-decorated with seasons, festivals and new arrivals. Different sizes, colours, designs are used. The following are a few ideas on how to decorate display tables effectively.

Retail clothing display with plants:

Plastic plants or artificial plants are used. The retail garment table needs to be clean and neat. Using original plants can be messy. Some retailers also prefer to use indoor plants. Authenticity is created, customers who like nature get attracted easily. Giving a natural blend has always attracted many. 

Display with Portable tables:

Many exquisite collections are arranged in portable tables. Portable tables are the ones with wheels beneath. These are usually shown on a customer’s request for a particular garment. The portability makes it convenient to transport anywhere. The number of products which can be displayed is also more. This type is largely used among fashion fanatics.

Display with tables of different shapes:

Having different tables in different sizes gives the shop an exotic look. Having classic solid colours like black or white is an excellent way to give a classy interesting look. Since they are generally simple, adding fancy items, luxury items are best suited for such designs. Obtaining many such tables and adding small details like plants in corners, bags, shoes on smaller tables is key. There is a retail clothing table wholesale that makes it budget-friendly.

Display table uniquely designed:

Tables like the ones with rod clothing display on the below and other products displayed on its top are specifically designed. They can display many products. Having matching products, colorful products might help customers in choosing matching products. This is usually done for top-wear and bottom-wear. Also, matching hats, scarfs are equally interesting for a matchup.

Display with an information table:

In general clothing stores, information display might not be appealing. However, adding fun facts, riddles in the background can interest the people accompanying customers like kids or friends. This is making customers feel involved, interesting and comfortable during their exploration. Some garments like the latest designs, or exotic styles have a history behind them. Adding up small details can sometimes make customers buy the garment. 

Which table style is the best to choose? 

Every idea mentioned is unique and has already been used successfully by many small to big retailers. Add a personal touch to any of the ideas, like having a reason behind the arrangements. Shops have different authenticity. Some have excellent floral designs. Such retailers can opt for a plant or nature-based decoration. One way to include many styles is to buy display tables when a retail clothing table for sale is available. Any design can be used. However, it is customers who decide which is the best one. 

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